Come and rest at SeaNest!



We (Philip and Sofie) live in Gothenburg together with our kids Ida and Teo.


SeaNest reflects the holiday place that we want to be at when we are going on vacation. First of all, it should feel like you are home but without any “musts”. Your kids should be able to play, ethier with you, or when you are having a coffe.

We want a place that suits our different needs and our different personalities. You can choose to be alone and load your batteries or meet new people to hang around with. Exploring the nature either from a hammock or kayaking, going for a walk or climbing a mountain. SeaNest gives us this opportunity for the whole family.


Gerlesborg is a quiet hub for people interested in art and nature which for us as who loves the nature and want to explore what we can learn from it as well as we are creative designers for in- and outdoor surrounding.